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The Groove Juice Special

Every month, Groove Juice Swing presents the Groove Juice Special - a great opportunity to come out and meet the swing scene and dance to some excellent music! Many Groove Juice Specials are themed nights ranging from our Roaring 20s Ball to the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, while other times we book some of the fantastic local jazz bands for live music.

August 28, 2015: IlHC Viewing Party & Dance

Once again the  International Lindy Hop Champoinships will be live-streamed by the lovely folks at  Yehoodi! This means we can watch the competitions right here in Rochester together.

Come join us at the German House on Friday evening for some dancing and to cheer on our friends down at ILHC!

8pm: Free beginner lesson
9pm - 12 midnight: dancing to DJed music with breaks for broadcast competitions
9:30pm: Pro Lindy Showcase
11:10pm:  Lindy Strictly

8:00pm–12 midnight, Free beginner lesson 8-9pm.
The Historic German House
315 Gregory St., Rochester, NY 14620
$7 general.

September 25, 2015: Club Hot-Cha Roaring '20s Party


The Club Hot-Cha Roaring '20s Party is a magical opportunity to travel back in time. Guests are encouraged to dress in period style and experience one of the most colorful and formative epochs in American history.

Featuring: Mike Davis and his Chicago Loopers (band members are traveling from NYC and Chicago). 

Free Charleston Lesson 8-9pm. Dancing 9pm-midnight. After party midnight-2am.

Highlights: Performances, cocktails & light fare by ButaPub, photobooth, Charleston dance contest.

8:00pm–midnight. With a free Charleston lesson 8-9pm and a speakeasy after-party midnight-2am.
The Historic German House
315 Gregory St., Rochester, NY 14620
$20 general. $15 students.

About Us

Groove Juice Swing, established in 2004, is based in Rochester, NY and specializes in Lindy Hop, the original form of swing dance from the 1920s and 1930s. Groove Juice Swing offers dance classes, weekly social dances, live band dance events, performances, and dance workshops throughout the year. Staff members and instructors are passionate about all things Lindy Hop, traveling all over the world to compete against and learn from the very best Lindy Hoppers. They bring that same commitment and enthusiasm to the dance community in Rochester.

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